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Airbag switch.
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Airbag switch.

Airbags have been designed to help protect adults in a moderate to severe frontal collision. To do this, the passenger’s front airbag is quite large, and it can inflate with enough force to cause very serious injuries.

There are conditions where the automatic shut off feature will not completely insure safety (seat too far forward, small child in a car seat), there could be a need to manually disarm the passeger sode airbag.

Even though the vehicle may include an advanced front airbag system that automatically turns the passenger’s front airbag off, all manufacturers offer a manual cutoff system for an additional measure of safety.


aribag switch
These manual systems are typically activated or deactivated by turning them using the vehicle´s ignition key.

Piher has developed a rotary switch that seamlessly adapts to these systems and reliably actuates the transition between the “on” and “off” states.


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