Piher sensing systems - custom potentiometers and position sensors

Touchless absolute position transducers.
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+ Something that is truly contactless. One magnet, One electronics module. No gears. Non-wear out over a lifetime.
+ A sensor that will deliver the same level of precision and stability throughout its life as the first day it was installed -despite extremes of vibration, shock, temperature and contamination.
+ Something that is easy to assemble -delivering additional cost reduction on the production line.
+ Something that can be fitted anywhere on the pivoting shaft, giving engineers the flexibility to be creative.
+ Our touchless rotary sensors are Piher Sensing Systems at its best, packaging its core technology -slimline magnetic Hall Effect sensing- into something truly original.

Our touchless position sensors are used in

•  Agriculture.
•  Construction & forestry.
•  Material handling.
•  Lifts & cranes.
•  Marine.
•  Medical devices.
•  Land-vehicles / off road / racing.
•  Industrial / automation.
•  Mobile order picker robots.
•  Pump Draw Rod - Piston position sensor.

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