Piher sensing systems - custom potentiometers and position sensors

Carbon Potentiometers with Superior Control Consistency

PIHER´s carbon potentiometers may feature special stepped outputs or ‘constant voltage zones’ for the PT10 and PT15 products.  These constant voltage zones can be combined with PIHER’s mechanical detents to provide exact alignment between the electrical output (flat areas) and the mechanical detent’s positions.  The result is a higher level of precision in controlling lighting, temperature, motor or other electronic control systems.

sloped-output graph

By combining the constant value zones with the detents, engineers can align the same voltage values with each of the detent stops when rotating the control both forward and backward. This technology provides clear mechanical positions that are not only repeatable, but perfectly aligned electrical outputs at each of the (detent) angles.  The detents also prevent output values from changing due to vibration or accidental rotor movements, furthering reliable control consistency.

The PT10 (10mm) and PT15 (15mm) potentiometers both feature carbon resistive elements, dust proof enclosures and can be supplied in magazines for automatic insertion.  Performance characteristics are available with mechanical rotational angles from 10⁰ up to 265º ±5º (depending on model) and electrical rotational angles of up to 240º ±20º (depending on model).  

With its exacting control capabilities, the PT10 and PT15 potentiometers are well suited for many consumer applications such as ovens, ranges, dishwashers, lighting (dimmers), power hand tools, washing machines and HVAC systems.